April 10

Every day we are blessed with should be a day we strive to enter the narrow gate. Yes, that gate will not always be the easiest to enter but it is the safest and most promising. Outwardly it may seem impossible or even unnecessary to work towards it but on the contrary, it is the only one necessary and relevant enough to enter. Everything that is contrary to God, i.e. the broad-way will always glitter and appear as appealing as ever. It will always entice you with objects that appear stunning but if you are not cautious you will fall. Essentially all the things on that road will promise good life and abundance but they will only produce death and destruction.

Furthermore, though the narrow way it is what we have been called to take, we need divine help to take it. We need the divine grace of God to guide our steps and our dealings so that we can joyfully and victorious walk on the chosen path. Truly there are many who will seek that path but will not be able to find it. So if God grants you grace to walk the narrow path do with joy and gladness of heart! Be cognizant of all your actions so you do not fall off that path. The grace of God will always lead you and direct you, so take heed to His word.

Luke 13:24

“Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.”

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