Hosea 6:6
I want you to show love, not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings. 

Which do you cherish more, relationship and obedience or sacrifice? It’s easy to say relationship and obedience because after all that seems like the best response to give. But in all truth which do you value most? The truth is without hesitation you will probably choose to rather to sacrifice before showing love or even pursing relationship. This is because in the  flesh and in your human nature you will choose to have the pleasure of pleasing yourself and then later having the ability to go back and sacrifice rather than doing what is right to begin with.

It is easier to choose love and relationship second especially when you are so eager to indulge in your flesh. You must choose to show love, and choose to build relationship.  God is far more interested in our relationship with Him than He is with us offering Him sacrifices. He rather you choose to build with Him than you choose to indulge in your flesh only to constantly come back and forth pleading for forgiveness that you don’t even truly appreciate. Learn to show love and pursue the Lord. Learn to seek the Lord more than anything else. Relationship is indeed greater than any offering you can ever make, so be wise. 

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