Be Sure To Finish

April 6

Many of us have started many things that we have not finished. Some have started businesses, personal projects, ministries, and even community-wide projects that they did not finish due to their lack of many elements. Some of us lack focus, others lack patience, faith, passion, trust, skill and many more. Due to the lack of these elements and many others, we find that many of us have unfinished things in our life’s just wasting away.

However, if we commit the things we put our minds to into God’s hands we will have many more finished products. If we allow patience rather than pride to lead us we will have many more successes. It is much better to start one small project and complete it than it is to start 5 big ones and leave them incomplete. In today world we are all focused on quantity rather than quality and because of that, we find ourselves having many ideas but not having the willpower or the sense and wisdom to bring those things to fruition. We need to realize that victory isn’t in what we have started but rather what we have finished and the things we are still working on. Anyone can start anything but it takes grace and strength from God to complete what you begin.

With this in mind let us purpose for ourselves that we will finish the things we set our minds to. Do not begin something and reject it at the first sight of struggle. We must be people of perseverance and endurance, not people of weak will who give up on any and everything.

Ecclesiastes 7:8

“Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.”

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