April 23

2 Timothy 2:25

Gently instruct those who oppose the truth. Perhaps God will change those people’s hearts, and they will learn the truth.    

Often times when we know something which is valuable, we look down on those who don’t know. We have been privileged with access to God through Christ Jesus our Lord. We have access to the unadulterated truth of the Living God. Everyone does not have what we have. This however isn’t a reason for us to disrespect or look down on those who don’t. Being privileged with the truth we have to do our very best to share that very truth with others. We have to ensure that those who are being deceived are redirected to the right path, the path that leads to righteousness. We must be encouraged to share the truth with those that are around us. 

When you gently address people with the truth you allow them the opportunity to open up. When you speak to them in a loving manner they will open up to God.  It is imperative that we focus on thoughtfully and gently sharing truth with people who oppose it.  You can show this gentleness in many ways, such as kindness, actions, sacrifices, which can speak louder than words. Truth is most people are ignorant to the truth simply because they do not know and no one ever takes the chance to speak to them. We have a part to play in drawing souls into the Kingdom of God. Be gentle with those outside of the faith, and by so doing let your gentleness and love draw them in. 

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