September 16

Psalm 20:7
Some nations boast of their chariots and horses, but we boast in the name of the LORD our God. 

Who is your boast? From whom do you draw strength and in whom do you boast and place your confidence in. With the different glitters of life it is easy to boast in your possessions and your positions. It’s easy to boast in the wealth you have as well as the respect that others around you pour unto you. 

It is very easy to fall prey to the lies of the world. But think very deeply about life and eternity and ask yourself in whom should you trust? Where should your allegiance be and who should you be dependent on. As a believer those around you both in the faith and in the world should know who you trust in simply by looking at your lifestyle. There must be a clear cut distinction of who you as a believer boasts  in. Now ask yourself when people see you do they confidently say that this one’s boast is in the Lord. Or do they have a hard time deciding if you boast more in your career and wealth or your position and respect. 

The name of the Lord should be your boast and if it is anything else other than that you need to return back to the feet of the cross.  Go back to the father and reassess your priorities. Chariots and horses and all the things of this world will fail but God never will.

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