July 15

Matthew 6:10
May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. 

It is very easy to ask for the will of God to be done while following your own agenda and working to achieve your own will and desires. God’s Kingdom is far above all things and it is important to be Kingdom minded. And in being kingdom minded we must do well in seeking God’s will. 

God’s will is perfect and there is no doubt about that. As believers we must learn to desire His will above ours. We must seek to have His will manifested above our own. With the speed of life and the outcome of the things that happens around us it can be easy to be self seeking. However no matter what comes our way we must realize that the will of God is better than our own will can ever been. God’s will is better than what you can ever imagine for yourselves. His will is for your good. You must seek to have His will done on earth in this lifetime as it is in the heavens. As a believer purpose in your heart to seek His will for your life above all else. 

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