February 9

Matthew 6:8
And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing. 

Why do you worry? This is a question that most of us will have a hard time answering because we don’t know why we worry. Truth is there is no reason for us to worry especially when we are in God and our faith is in Him. 

Worrying takes more from you than you can imagine. It saddens your soul and leaves you heavy within your heart. It puts stress on your mind and takes you completely out of your element. If you will be honest with yourself, you worry mostly because of your lack of faith in God. You worry because you believe in the circumstances around you more than you do in the power of God. Other times you worry simply because you don’t believe God will come through for you or believe your situation is too great, among many other things. However, no matter the storms in your life God is always present. Even the flowers of the garden are taken care of by God, so ask yourself, how much more you? He will provide everything you need. Continue to look up to Him and have faith in Him. He who cares for the lilies is far more than able to care for you. Open your eyes and you will see the work of His hand in everything you do. 

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