April 10

Luke 6:31

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

When was the last time you practiced what, you preached or a time you acted based on the expectations you have of others? It is effortless to expect of others, but it is not quite as easy to live up to those expectations ourselves. For example, when you call the customer service line for your credit card company you expect nothing but kindness and politeness, however when you receive a phone call from a customer while at work your attitude is nothing short of unpleasantness. As mundane as this example is, most of us act this way. As Christians, we have a standard of living. We cannot behave anyhow towards people regardless of how they treat us. Having said that it is essential that we do everything possible to show the world that we love, and we love with the love of Christ. We not only have to love and treat people as we would have them do to us, but we must continue to love them even more and treat them well even when they do the exact opposite. 

We cannot teach the world to do good if we do not change our ways. Be an agent of change in your circle. Dare to be different. When others come at you with hate, and rude behaviors meet them with a loving and polite response. Season your words and your attitude with salt. Let there be a distinction between you and everyone else. Do good, and allow the goodness of God in your heart to speak for itself. Be of good character, and remember that people will not always treat you right but never allow anyone’s actions to dictate your reaction.

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