April 25

Proverbs 12:9

“Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant than pretend to be somebody and have no food.”

In our generation, it is much easier to find people living in pretense than it is to find people who are living in their reality. Everyone lives their lives trying to impress the Joneses. However, nobody answers the question, ‘who are the Joneses?’ and ‘why is it important to impress them?’. We have all created an unnecessary standard for ourselves, and we are all trying so hard to reach that standard at all cost. 

We buy things with the money we do not have to please people who either do not know or care about our possessions. We are struggling and stretching ourselves for nothing. It is oK not to buy a car when your cousin buys a car. It is better to forgo buying that in-house movie theater so that you can feed your family. There’s nothing wrong with not having what everyone owns. Instead of putting ourselves through hell and pulling our hairs out in the name of being “part of an in-crowd,” we should try to live according to our means.  

Furthermore, we must check our motives and our priorities. Do not worry about what the person next to you has over you, instead think about what you have and how you can best maximize it to its fullest potential. It is very important that we find contentment in our souls and lives. Only a fool will spend what he does not have to impress others, thus risking his own life and well-being. So, think twice about your decisions and use the wisdom that the Lord has given you. 

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