Show Not Tell

May 6

1 John 3:18

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 

It is very easy to get bombarded and loose sight of the little things in life that are important. Many times we say the things we know we have to say just to check things off our list. For instance most of us say I love you just to get it out of the way and get on with our day. We don’t take time to think of those were saying this to or even think about the blessing they are to us and why we love them. Just as we feel loved not by mere words but rather action let us endeavor to do the same for others. 

It is indeed difficult to show love because we’re always on the go.l, but that is where intentionality comes in. Today however is a new day and one that the Lord has gracious allowed us to be a part of. Being given this opportunity, let us purpose in our heart to show love to someone today. Find someone in your life or even someone whose just around you and do something nice for them. It can be something as simple as listening to their problems or even giving them a much needed ride. The list varies and goes on and on. Show the gracious love of God to someone today and let God touch the lives of others through you. Do something that shows love, mercy, and grace, even in the most innocent of ways. 

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