February 19

How can you die to something but yet live in it? How can you renounce something and still dine with it? Simply put you cannot. You cannot be dead to your sins while still living, breathing and dining in it. Often times we attend different conference and retreats where we receive our freedom from God over all the things that plague us and hold us bound. What most of us do is we come back from these places and hand over the keys of freedom right back to the devil who is ever ready to accept. Being delivered or set free is not the end all be all, it is just the beginning. That is when your new LIFE after DEATH begins.

In freedom is where you begin to change your lifestyle, friends, and anything that bound you to what you have died to. Think about it this way, for the last 10 years of your life, you have been seriously addicted to pornography. However, by the grace of God you where delivered(died to pornography) a week ago. What then do you do now? First and foremost because this is the beginning of a new lifestyle (since the death of the pornographic lifestyle) you cannot continue to do the same things you used to do.

For example. If you had a group of friends that you often met up with to watch porn, cut them off. If you cannot engage in watching porn unless your bedroom lights are off, then sleep with your lights on. If you cannot engage in it unless your door is locked sleep with your door wide open. If your laptop or phone of the issue locked it up a place you cannot get to in the middle of the night or if you have the luxury of living with your parents leave it in their room every night before you sleep. This is what it means to remain dead to sin, by changing the things that once had you bound.

You cannot expect to receive freedom and continually do the same thing expecting something to change. After you have received you begin to walk and live in that freedom and that requires a lifestyle change. It requires work on your end. Do not allow anyone to deceive you about your deliverance because God is not in the business of doing things halfway so know that when He delivers you He does it completely but you have the responsibility of walking out that freedom. So to anyone who has been freed from something that freedom is real so be careful not hand over the keys of your freedom to the devil. Make a lifestyle change and remain in the Lord.  Walk out your freedom because you cannot be dead to something while still living in it.

Romans 6:2

By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?

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