Praise Without Condition

April 9

Psalm 68:19
Praise the Lord; praise God our savior!  For each day he carries us in his arms. 

Praise the Lord all your days and in all your ways. Praise doesn’t have seasons and moments alone. Praise come by the day and minute of our lives should be . Praise does not only come with the victories of life they also come with the failures of life and everything else that can be found in between. 

In our season now, everything seems gloomy and scattered. It seems that life as we know it is coming to a complete end, and many times we react to what is going on with fear. Today is a marvelous day. Even with all the dangers around us it is a good day because it is one made by the Lord. We must take joy in each day we live, knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ is Lord of that day. Praise the Lord in this day. Whether you have much or not. Praise Him even in lack. We must understand that our praise cannot be conditional. Our praise should be plentiful in and out of season. Do not fall into the deception of praising when life is good. As we pray many different prayers in this season let us also remember to sing many songs of praise. Let the praises of the Lord be on your lips now and always. 

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