April 28

Psalm 46:7

“The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.”‭‭

The Lord is good and He is with us. He is the Lord of our salvation and the King of our lives. He is our refuge and our fortress.  He is our help in our times of needs. With Him all things are possible and without Him nothing can be done. He is the Living God. The one who never leaves not forsakes us. The one who’s hand isn’t too short to reach us. He is God and He is mighty. 

This indeed is another day He has made. Let all glory, honor, and adoration be given unto Him. Let all the earth shout for joy for His mercies endure the forever. He is Lord and He is God. He is Mighty and glorified in all His ways. Praise Him and adore Him, for He is the Everlasting and Eternal God. 

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