June 20

Psalm 46:1“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”‭‭

The Lord is indeed our strength and our refuge. He is always our help whenever life calls for it, great or small. He is always there but the big question is where do you turn when you are in trouble? Yes He is your refuge but do you turn to him at all times? He is our help in times of trouble but in most instances of our lives when there is trouble we do everything except go to the one who is able. 

When we run into trouble our first instances are to go to our friends, church family, co-workers, siblings, etc. Although it’s ok to talk to those around us the biggest issue we have is that we often go to everyone else first and go to the Lord as a last resort. The truth however is that God should always be our first in everything, while everyone else comes second. The truth is as humans it is always easy for many to disappoint however God is the only one who is constant. He is the only one who remains the same irrespective of circumstance or season. He is always available, so in the good and in the bad turn to the Lord. Trust that He is able to be your God and your help no matter what. Make it a habit of turning to Him first before you go to anyone else. 

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