Not Your Will

July 1

Proverbs 3:6
Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. 

There is one person that you are to consult about every decision, every choice, every option, every move, that you make. Most of us question, and tend to decide what God can and cannot handle. We often determine for him the things that we feel he ought to be involved. The truth of the matter is there is no decision neither is there any part of our lives that we act to keep away from the Lord. In all reality, it is in possible to hide your life away from the one who has given you life and holds that very life in their hands. We find ourselves continually running from the Lord. We find ourselves continually trying to keep our lives away from him. 
It’s like a needing a heart transplant and telling everyone except the one person who has the heart to give that you need one. It makes no sense, but we are all guilty of it. It is essential that we seek God‘s will in every area of our lives, whether in our academics, finances, ministry, marriages, parenting extra. If you decide to find your selfish gain, then your life will be miserable, but if and only if you walk in the will of God, you will begin to realize that even amid storms and trials you walk victoriously. God is a good God, and he has your very life laid out in front of him. If you want to follow him, he will show you the path to take. Seek him because doing life with God is the best decision you’ll ever make. 

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