February 22

Proverbs 4:25

Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. 

Focus is a very important and powerful tool that we must all master. When you lack the ability to be still your life lacks focus. When you lack focus from within you are unable to remain still and useful. The lack of focus pushes you to lose yourself. When you are unable to focus you lack what it takes to journey through the mountains and deserts and valleys of life. A question we must ask ourselves is what are our eyes fixated upon? Most of our days we live our lives being distracted from what is important. Most of our days we live a life that is very distracted. We are distracted by our jobs, goals, families, and even ourselves. 

The reason for our lack of focus however is in the fact that we do not choose the right one to depend and set our eyes on.  The best thing we can do in this life is to be dependent on God. You should posses what you have been given, it should not possess you. Do not loose focus by allowing the elements of this world dominion over you. Let you your gifts and everything that has been given to you be a tool that enables you to keep your eye on the Lord. 

Stay focused on Him. Do not be diverted  keep your eyes on Him and look only to what lies ahead before you. 

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