February 20

Genesis 13:10

“Lot looked around and saw that the whole plain of the Jordan toward Zoar was well watered, like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt. (This was before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.)”‭

The saying goes “all that glitters is not gold” and this statement could not hold more truth than it already does. As humans we are naturally attracted to different elements by our eyes. We go towards that which looks good. If it shines or looks appealing we fall for it. Most times we don’t even think to look deeper than the surface layer. It is easy to choose the things that look good and draws attention but we should be careful on following our eyes without cause or without pausing to reason through. 

Like Lot many of us make our decision based what it seems. Lot saw that the land was well-watered therefore he chose that section. I doubt Lot took time to examine the people that were inhabitants of that area, he just chose it because it seemed great. It looked like a land that any person would lay hold of without second thought. When we continue reading however we find that it is in this same land that he chose that he was captured through war. He chose it for the simple reason that it looked great, but he lost his freedom when the kings of the different kingdoms went to war. The truth is if he knew that war would one day break loose and his freedom would be lost, he would not have made the decision of choosing that particular land. But in the heat of the moment he chose what was pleasant in sight. This is a clear sign that there is danger in choosing with our sight alone. It’s good to want beautiful things but it is better to reason through and seek God before choosing. Be reminded that all that glitters is not Gold, therefore do not choose with your eyes rather choose with your heart. 

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