September 14

Hosea 7:16

They look everywhere except to the Most High. They are as useless as a crooked bow.

Who do you look to when things are in shambles and when they are in line? Where do you find yourself when the going gets though? is it at the feet of Jesus or at the mercy of a friend in whom you have placed all your trust.? If we were to take some time and answer these questions, most of us will realize that often times we look to everyone else but the Most High. And in the moments where we do look to Him, He is actually our last resort. We say ” I guess all I can do now is to go to God in prayer, after all, I have done all that I can do.

One thing that I have learned is when you look everywhere except to God you become vulnerable to everything. Not only that, you slowly but surely begin to steer off the path that has been laid for you. When you look not unto the Lord, you will take a crooked path and that path will prove difficult and will require more effort than necessary. Secondly when we look everywhere else but unto the Lord, we lose our sense of direction and because of that, we fall for anything and any path that present itself.

Look to God and Him alone. Do not anything in the world the power to cause you to lose your direction and focus. Look to God, His Word, and godly men and women, that you may not steer off the wrong path.


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