January 25

Psalm 103:15
Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. 

As humans our days on this earth is really numbered. You are here today and gone tomorrow. You do not dictate or choose your life span. Your life is as given by the Lord, although it is unbeknown to you. 

For this reason you must be vigilant. You must be diligent and intentional in the life that you are living. You never know when your bell will ring and it’s time for you to go home. You cannot live your life leaving everything for tomorrow because tomorrow may not be promised. Truthfully the next moment is not promised to anyone. Live life in a manner in which you walk and live in your purpose. Live your life in a way where you are daily doing the will of God. Do not put the things you can do today off until tomorrow. No one knows the length of life, therefore walk with the Lord and live a life worthy of the calling. Do not waste your time or your life. Keep your eyes on the Lord and do what is needed as each day passes. 

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