July 12

Psalm 62:5

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. 

There’s beauty in waiting. To be able to sit at the feet of the most High and to wait to hear His very voice. Although it is an amazing privilege it is also a difficult one to fulfill. It is an act the requires grace from above. Without grace waiting can be a drag. However when grace is involved waiting can be such a calming encounter. When you quietly wait on the Lord you allow yourself the opportunity to hear and receive. The ability to quietly wait for the Lord is a privilege and not a punishment. Even though most of us think of it as a cruel act, but it is rather a blessing. 

Secondly waiting prunes us and strengthens us. It gives us hope especially when we have faith in the one who has called us to wait. It causes you to grow and it enhances your understanding of your walk. However Most people rather stall in their walk than wait. In most instances we like to exhaust all our energy and all our options before we set forth to wait. We look to everyone before we look to the most High. This never leads any of us where we ought to be. Train your heart and your soul and spirit to wait on the Lord. Train yourself to put your all in Him and allow Him to glorify Himself in your life. Wait upon Him and let Him be Lord. 

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