April 12

Mattew 7:7

““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”‭‭

Do not ever stop seeking for the Lord. Do not ever think to yourself that I have reached my limit or that I have found God and therefore I will no longer seek Him. Seeking God is part of our journey. Even when He makes Himself known to us in different parts of our lives we continue to seek Him because we cannot do without the Lord. In the manner in which a thriving business man continues to seek different ideas and wisdom to further their business even when they are successful beyond measure, is the same manner in which we are to seek and search for the Lord even when we have found Him. 

Our search for God is not a one day quest neither is it a task that we complete before we go to sleep. It is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that requires discipline l, intentionality,  and faithfulness. We must be disciplined in the actions we take and the things we do to seek Him. We must be intentional in our ways when seeking him. We must be faithful in our search for the Lord.  We cannot seek Him only when we find it convenient. Rather we should be seeking because it is a part of who we are. A part engraved in our very lives and hearts. So seek the Lord and you will find Him, and when you have found Him seek Him all the more. God is Mighty and Majestic, so trust and believe that if you seek Him every day for the next hundred years to come you will find something new and profound each and every single time because He is the I AM and He is your Father.  

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