It Will Follow

March 23

Psalm 23:6

“Surely goodness and mercy and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life, And I shall dwell forever [throughout all my days] in the house and in the presence of the LORD.”

May the goodness and mercies of the Lord follow you all the days of your life. It an interesting world we live in. Most if not all of us spend the bulk of our lives chasing something. Whether riches, fame,legacy, life, you name it and someone will chase it. The sad part is the fact that everything we chase is fleeting. It’s here today gone tomorrow, it’s life span is short. We spend so much of our lives running after things that we should look to the Lord for. We spend majority of our days looking to gain from the world what the father has for us. 

As Christians we have such a great and beautiful promise. A promise that is firm and strong. We know that Gods words are Ye and Amen. We also know that His promises are true. We are so used to chasing everything but the Lord has this promise for us. That goodness and mercies shall follow us who belong to Him. So take heart and be glad. Be joyful that the goodness and mercies of the Lord will follow you. Meaning wherever and whatever you find yourself in this will follow you. You do not go chasing after it rather it comes for you. I pray this day that the word of God will be made manifest in your life. May His goodness and mercies indeed follow you and may it also go before you in all your ways. Remain under the feet of the Lord. Dwell in His house and allow His promises to take root in your life. 

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