August 27

2 Timothy 1:9
For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan from before the beginning of time – to show us his grace through Christ Jesus. 

Have you ever heard anyone say we are saved by grace? It might sound like a common weightless saying however it is the truth of God’s word. You are not saved by your own self. Neither are you saved by some great deed you did. You do not owe your salvation to yourself. 

You are saved purely by grace. You are saved because God is good and His love for  you is everlasting. It is very easy to think your salvation is free and or that you are the master of your own salvation. That however could not be any further from the truth. Someone (Christ) shed his blood for your salvation. In addition to that you did not make a decision on your own will to be saved. When that altar call was made you did not go up in your own strength. God literally called you and gave you the grace to approach His throne. You did not do anything for yourself. He did it all. He saved  you because of Himself. He shed blood for you because of Himself. Because of His goodness. Do not ever be deceived that you deserved or are entitled to His goodness or salvation. By virtue of your sins the only thing you deserve is death, but His grace gives you otherwise. He loves you, that’s why He did all He did for you. So even in your weakness remember that He is strong and remember that He who has saved you is able to carry you through and through. Live a life that is worthy and remember always that it is God that has saved you through His grace and that alone. 

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