He’s Ever Ready

January 12

Psalm 68:18

If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.

Do you confess to the Lord? Majority of people walk around with their sins weighing them down. Sins that takes over their mind, bodies,spirit, and soul. Most people however never give themselves the chance to confess to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. We all know what our sins are. We know the secrets that are pulling us down. Our sins always creates a distance between us and the Lord. That is why the devil preys on us in these times to push us farther and farther away. 

One of the major reasons some of us continue to sin is because of the simple fact that we are believing something false.  We need to be immersed in our word that way we are not easily moved or convinced to believe a lie. It is only when the word has taken root in our heart the we are able to stand our ground and shutdown all false reasoning.  If we know our word, we will be able to fight every false teaching and belief with the truth of God’s word. Furthermore the Lord is always near to us He is ever ready to hear our cry. Confess to Him even in your heart, confess to Him out loud. What ever the sin, or our situation if we confess in genuineness and ask for forgiveness He the Lord will not withhold from us. Confess for He is listening. 

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