He Sees Beyond

April 17

Proverbs 21:2

People may be right in their own eyes, but the Lord examines their heart. 

There are laws that have been laid down for you to follow. These Commandments tells you what you can and cannot do. It also teaches you what is right and what is wrong. Some of us are in able a accept correction because we believe that we are always right. Other individuals though they know they are not always right cannot except their wrong because of their pride. Pride however is a very dangerous thing to be entangled in. It is hazardous to allow pride to lead to you. When pride is leading your actions you will never see anything wrong with the terrible things that you are doing. 

Furthermore everything you do comes from your heart. Your heart is the root of every action, decision and more. You can make yourself believe that you have good intentions for doing what you may be doing even at this very moment, but the Lord is not concerned with the mere feeling. He is rather concerned with the heart where that feeling stems from. So in everything you are doing God sees the real you. He sees the real heart that is behind your actions. He sees everything even the intentions that you do not know yourself. 

Look at yourself through the lens of Christ so that you will not be found wanting. 

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