January 30

Luke 1:49
For the Mighty One is holy, and he has done great things for me. 

Contrary to popular belief God does many great thing in our lives every day of our life. The reason why most of us don’t see the hand of God in our lives is because we don’t ever pause to recollect the activities of our day. When we take a pause and recollect our day we will realize that the Lord is good. Think of the breath you take every moment. Think about the protection over your life as you drive up down the highways and the byways. Think of the covering over you as you go in and out of your work environment. Think of the protection over you as you walk up and down your various campuses and neighborhood. 

It’s a divine blessing to step out of your house and come back safely. It’s so easy to take for granted the goodness of God. It’s very easy to forget the great things He does on a daily basis. Put forth effort to give thanks to God for the great things He does for you. Take some time to write down the things He does in your life. Write them down and revisit it as often as you can, so you can be reminded of His greatness. He has and will continue to do great things for you, just be intentional in giving thanks. Do not downplay His greatness, for it is what has kept you all these years. 

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