May 26

Mark 4:40
Then he asked them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” 

No one ever wants to believe it, but most times we are the reason for our very own downfall. In many circumstances we allow fear overcome us in more ways than one and in doing so we throw away our faith. Faith is the very currency need in this journey but sometimes we allow the world and all it’s dealing get the best of us. If you truly believe in Christ then you must have faith. 

Think of all the great things the Lord has done for you. All the different victories He us won for you. Think of all He has done in your life, and ask yourself what benefit there is in not having faith in Him. The reason why most people struggle with faith is because they try to walk in faith and exercise faith in their own strength. Although faith is something we talk often about we must realize that we still need the grace of God to exercise that faith. If you find yourself being afraid turn to the word of God and ask for His grace and mercy to enable you to walk in faith. Without faith you will not make it in many aspects of this life. Think of your fears and think of the power of God and allow His power overcome all your fears. 

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