Exercise Wisdom

June 29

Proverbs 21:20

The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get. 

There are certain statements sayings and scriptures that many people consider harsh. However, these statements carry truth and reality. A fool has no self-control; neither does he have the desire to be controlled. As individuals, we have what it takes to either set ourselves up for success or for failure. The way we set ourselves up for success is by being vigilant. We become vigilant by disciplining ourselves and ensuring that we are saving irrespective of where we find ourselves. The truth is if we are not intentional and disciplined in all of our ways, we will never have anything left in our nests. This is because life comes with many ups and downs, and if we allow the circumstances to decide for us, we would never have anything to show for our work. We have to be able to put things aside irrespective of how small that may be. It could be that you can only afford to save 5% of what you make, which may seem trivial, but it is better to do that than to do nothing at all. 

Start incorporating saving into your habits. Put a portion of your wealth away. Start from somewhere and build what you can. If you can only afford to put $10 away every day, that will get you farther than putting nothing away. A wise man will do whatever they can to acquire some wealth. So start from somewhere do not let the bad habit of spending recklessly take you by surprise. Be as wise as the birds who save up in their nest even before they have a need. Be prudent and disciplined while learning to save and build. 

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