Even The Stars

June 8

Psalm 147:4

He counts the stars and calls them all by name. 

Life can sometimes be so overwhelming that we forget the God we serve. We forget how great and how mighty He is. Because we allow circumstances of life to blind us we walk around doubting Him. In all things God never changes. He never stops being God and He never stops loving you. It is time you put your confidence and trust in the Lord. Think of the stars in the sky and how numerous they are. Think of the fact that these stars have no breath in their lungs neither are they made in the image of the most high yet He knows them each and every single star by name. How much more you? How much more you who are created in His beautiful image. How can He forget you whom He created with fear and care?

The Lord loves you more than you will ever know. He loves you more than you or anyone can ever fathom. Look at the stars and how small they are, if He cares so much about them then consider yourself loved beyond measure. Have confidence in Gods love for you. If you ever begin to doubt His love for you or think less of yourself, let the stars be your reminder of Gods great love for you. Do not be discouraged and do not be dismayed. The Lord loves you and He cares for you even more than the stars. You are His greatest creation and the apple of His eyes, so have confidence in Him. 

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