Don’t Be A Fool

September 6

Luke 12:21

““Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God.””


Those who do not have a relationship with the Lord have nothing. Living life absent of Christ is the one of the saddest thing any man can encounter. Having a relationship with the Lord is one of the foundations and building blocks that cannot be overlooked. Without God you can do nothing. Without God your life has no meaning nor does it have any purpose. Considering that man is nothing without God, it is important that every man seeks out God for themselves. Every man must build a solid relationship with the Lord. 

A fool is the one who will forsake a relationship with the Lord while pursing death by virtue of following the world. If you gain all things even the world itself, yet loose your soul you have nothing. Do not be overcome by the things of this world. Do not be overtaken by the thoughts of gaining riches and materials of this land, because there is something far greater. A relationship with the Lord is far greater than all the riches of the land. Do not be a fool, focus on the Lord and worry about storing in the heavenly places. Exercise wisdom and build yourself in God, that is where your wealth is. 

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