February 15

Proverbs 27:8

A person who strays from home is like a bird that strays from its nest. 

No one wants to be lost, and no one intentionally puts them in a situation where they will find themselves lost. Think of the stress that overcomes you when you’re traveling without a gps or when your gps turns off in the middle of your travel due to connection. You become completely frustrated. 

As a believer your home is Christ and when you steer away from Christ the stress and worries of life gain power over you. Being in Christ means being present with him in mind, in heart, and in body. Do not become absent mentally and spiritually in your heart when your body is present. Straying away from Christ can and will cause you much pain. Do not flee from your home which is in Christ Jesus. Rather remain in Him and make every effort to intentionally dwell. Grab hold of Him and indulge in His word and in prayer which are tools that will keep you connected to Him. Being lost is painful, so do not subject yourself to being a lost child of God. You have access to Him so remain in Him always. 

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