Do Not Give In

May 16

1 Peter 2:11

Dear friends, I warn you as “temporary residents and foreigners” to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very souls. 

Some of us don’t seem to understand that we are foreigners of this land. The truth is we do not belong here, and we never will. We somehow don’t seem to understand this because we try so hard to be a part of this land of which we are not even citizens. It’s saddening to say but no foreigner fights harder for a land they do not belong to as much as Christians fight for the world. Our home is heaven. That is where we belong and everything we do in this life should have a heavenly focus. Our decisions and actions should all be one that focuses on eternity. If we are not eternity minded we will loose our minds and our sense of direction in this world. 

We have to keep away from the temporary fixes that the world offers to us. There is nothing good we can gain from the world. If we continue chasing after the world and it’s desires we will lose our souls long before our flesh is gone. Everything the world has to offer is a distraction away from the Lord and His word. It is something that will harm you and take your life if you are not careful. The bigger picture is heaven, that is where we belong. Therefore for this reason we must fight the desires of our flesh and that of this world. We must put to death all manner of sins. As the world wages war at your soul, do not take this battle lightly. Hold tight unto the Lord. Focus on Him and on His world. Keep your eyes on what matters most. Lastly as a soldier goes to a foreign land and keeps his eyes on returning to his home, you also as a soldier keep your eyes on your home and do everything it takes to get back to where you belong. Do not be conformed along the way. Be vigilant and keep your eyes on the only one who can lead you home. 

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