February 15

Ecclesiastes 7:10

Don’t long for “the good old days.” This is not wise. 

The past will always be the past. It is there for us to learn from and to move on in our lives. Our past should encourage us to do better, to desire growth, push harder, reach higher, and live better today than we did yesterday. In all our lives we have all had some good days as we have had bad days. We however cannot allow these things to be a crutch for us moving on in life. We cannot be so discouraged by the negative or too comfortable with the positive that we become stagnant. 

As you sit today to think about your life do not focus only on the good days or even the bad ones for that matter. Do not let the good times hinder you from having better times. Do not let reminiscing overwhelm your mind and thoughts so much so that you become useless in your present and your future. Do not put yourself at risk of loosing out on what you have now in this very moment simply because things are not going as you would like and for that reason you have resulted to nostalgia. Do not rob yourself of the lessons and the time you have now. Do not be overcome by your present unpleasant season. Think rather on God’s goodness and look to Him to teach you and usher you through this season of your life. 

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