February 25

Esther 3:5-6
When Haman saw that Mordecai would not bow down or show him respect, he was filled with rage. He had learned of Mordecai’s nationality, so he decided it was not enough to lay hands on Mordecai alone. Instead, he looked for a way to destroy all the Jews throughout the entire empire of Xerxes. 

It’s very easy to bow down to the world especially when it flexes it’s muscles and does everything to put fear in us. It’s very easy to give our worship and our honor to those who do not deserve it simply because of fear. There are or will be people in our lives who will attempt to push us into bowing down in many different ways. It could be bowing down through the means of work, money, position, power and much more. There are instances that we will fall prey to fear because of someone’s  level of influence or the power they possess. 

We must however keep our eyes locked and focused on what is important. Do not fall prey to the things that comes to put fear in you. Do not fear the people that try to suppress you. Do not fall prey to the ideologies that attempt to strip you of your truth. Do not bow down to the strongman who tries to render you powerless. Just as it was done for Mordecai it can be done for you too. Haman planned evil against him and attempted to eradicate his whole race from that particular region but the Lord saved him and all His people. Do not bow down to the people and or things that attempt to take the place of God in your life. Stand firm and the Lord Himself will defeat them for you. 

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