August 21

“When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.”‭‭

Have you thought to yourself that you are too relaxed in your faith? For most of us it is very common for us to let our guard down and take a position of relaxation when we accomplish one thing or the other, or even when we overcome a challenge or temptation. 

It is very easy to give yourself a break. To take a breather and allow your mind to rest. However as believers there is never a safe time to let your guard down. There is never a time to relax because the enemy that Is fighting against you does not take time outs. What he does rather is when you overcome all his plans and schemes (through the grace and the strength of God) he will go away for a while not to rest but rather to plan another way of causing you to fall. So ask yourself this question. If your opposition does not take any days off, what business do you have in taking days off. Do not allow your laziness and lack of discipline make you prey to the work of the enemy. 

When the devil tempted Jesus, he left until another opportune time to make another entrance. This world is not on your side, so stop living your life to fit what it requires. As a believer you can never put your guard down. You must be vigilant and ready to war whenever the time calls for it. Do not let you guard down, because your enemy’s silence does not equate his disappearance, it may simply just mean he is working to come back harder than before and as such you must be ready to fight. Have your eyes stayed on the Lord and be ready in and out of season. 

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