Are You Running Empty?

February 2

There comes a time in each of our lives when we begin to run empty. Whether empty on hope, in strength, in faith, in long-suffering or even in joy, we all at some point have to stop and refuel. The beautiful thing is that we serve and merciful God. One who will warn us the moment we begin running empty, and it’s our job to take heed to His words and do something before Ida too late.

Far too often we see the warning signs. We see that blinking orange light that screams “You Need to Refuel” but most of the time we ignore that sign. We ignore it until we get to a point where we are completely empty and wanting then we begin to ask God why? But the why is a question only we can answer. Why did you not heed the warnings and the words of God until it was too late?

When we see that we are running empty in our individual life’s we must take a breather and refuel. Though we must refuel we cannot refuel with just any gasoline. Just as we will not fuel our car with low-grade fuel if it requires premium is the same way we cannot fuel our souls with merely anything. Psalm 119:105105 Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path. The only fuel our souls need is God’s word because if we refuel on anything other than Him we will surely not go far before we are found wanting again. His word is what will give us the way as well as direct us. So even though it is important to always stay fueled up, it is just as important to use the correct fuel, which is His word!


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