December 22

2 Thessalonians 3:13
As for the rest of you, dear brothers and sisters, never get tired of doing good.  

It’s the season of love and the season of giving. With everything that has happened this year it’s hard for many to look past it and focus on the many positive things that life has for us. 

In this season, no matter what you have been through. No matter how tired you are, No matter how ready you are to throw in the towel, this is your encouragement to remain in the race. Do not grow weary. Do not get tired of doing good. Even if you are down, do good for someone else. Show the love of God and let His love also find you. Take heart and do good. Bring forth life and light to everyone around you. As you celebrate the Holidays, make the decision to do something good for someone even if it’s one person. Let your light shine and bring forth brightness in the lives of others. Remember always that it is a joy and a privilege to do good. 

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