January 25 The beauty of a child’s heart is its purity and wholeness. A child’s heart is so innocent and accepting even beyond comprehension. A little child needs no reason to love, neither do they need any reason to believe. You tell a three-year-old that Jesus created the heavens and

January 26 Oh, how we love to boast. How we love to receive praise for the things we do. How we announce with loud voices the good deeds that we do. But have you ever consider the heart behind all that you do? Have you examined it and if so,

January 27 There are some things that our heads are able to accept but our hearts aren’t able to do as easily. Some things we wrap our heads around very well while still struggling to grab hold of it with our hearts. There are times where your heart will get

January 28 Is excellence a daily practice or is it something you somewhat thrive to attain? Lately, it seems like most of us Christians live under a rock. We accept the minimal and we do not put in much to attain a higher level of success. We fail to realize

January 29 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…..” – Hosea 4:6 ‭‭Have you ever been in a situation where you simply sat and analyzed the implication of your ignorance? Or a situation you knew very well could have been avoided had you known about it? This scripture is

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